Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's been a while...

I've been travelling India - England - France. Now I'm settled for a few weeks in the beautiful Ardeche area of Southern France and have been using the 5D3, the X100 and of course the DP2M. A couple of days ago we went up to the top of a local mountain to watch the sunrise, it was bitter cold and the camera that was most at home was definitely the DSLR. I did take a few with the DP2M on a tripod but frankly the results from the DP2M were inferior, in low light the amazing detail that the DP2M is capable of did not really show.
Where the Merrill has excelled is in daylight landscapes and I have noticed that it can also render subtle gradations in the rather watery skies that we are having at the moment. The landscape here is wild and rocky and the Foveon sensor just loves rendering fine details in the rock surfaces.

The La Ligne: Ardeche confluence. DP2M

The X100 remains my travel camera, the camera I carry everywhere and for this job I am 100% satisfied with it.