Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Forums discussing Foveon, you’ve got to laugh!

Firstly, I am utterly amazed at the number of people who like to post to forums simply to argue the toss. People who are happy to admit that they have not actually tried a camera ( insert any other high tech device/car/etc)  but however, are happy to rant on about it’s shortcomings. What an utter joke!
Then there are those people who get all steamed up and start ranting and making accusations, getting their facts mixed up and generally making complete prats of themselves, great fun to read I have to say and long may it continue, I love it. FM and DP review are just such good value in this respect.

Then there are the Fanboys, they’ve bought a camera ( doubtless after much forum lurking and review reading) and now they are going to defend their position, their glossy new purchase can do no wrong, it’s as laughable as the trolls who claim that the camera in question is ‘junk’.

It’s not uncommon when down the pub of an evening, particularly as the evening draws on, to hear sports pundits droning on and on about how a team manager,  is an complete idiot and how he or she could not manage a ‘piss up in a brewery’ etc, You know the type… Well the forums are also full of these clowns who reckon that they could run a multi billion dollar business/develop ultra high technology devices better than the highly experienced and skilled people who actually do the job and have to cope with the day to day realities of the economy/the laws of physics/supply and demand etc etc.

And of course all of the above applies in spades when it comes to Sigma/Foveon.

I have to say that it’s great working with a device that creates so much hot air!

For the record, I’ve now owned my DP2M for three weeks and have taken around 400 shots with it and as many commentators have stated:

11)   It has no Zoom, well duh… It’s like the engineers who designed it somehow ‘forgot’ that that’s what sells cameras… Idiots! Sack the lot of ‘em. My X100 and my GRD3 don’t have zooms either and yes, they’re ‘junk’ too!
22)   Non interchangeable lens! What were you thinking Sigma? I mean no other camera company has ever made such an elementary mistake. Sigma will obviously be bankrupt very soon.
33)   No viewfinder. Well, I hadn’t noticed that before I bought mine. I think I might put the camera in the trash now. No viewfinder, whatever next?
44)   No flash! OMG No flash. What ,you mean like a 1DX?
55)   Boxy. Yes, like a Volvo, and they’re ‘junk’ too.
66)  Low ISO, you have to use on a tripod. What can I say! A tripod! Why those engineers at Sigma have not been strung up for this most horrendous of design failures I’ll never know. I mean, who ever uses tripods these days?
77)   Slow auto focus. Yes, I mean it takes what, at least a second, I just get so bored waiting for that       whole second to pass, I think I’ll have to kill myself.
88)           Slow lens. F2.8! Imagine! Completely risable compared to the fast f2 of the X100.
99)          No built in image stabilization… When was this camera designed? 1950?
110)     Less than optimal software. Anybody tried using iTunes lately?
111)     Strange colours. Sometimes, yes, I agree.

So…. Clearly this camera is such a heap of rubbish that anybody actually foolish enough to part with the cash is either an idiot, an employee of Sigma, or somebody who has been ‘duped’ by the advertising. And anybody who dares to say anything positive must clearly be a rabid Sigma fanboy or an incompetent photographer.

Oh yes, the photographs it takes, most of the time, are utterly incredible but I don’t suppose this is important…..

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