Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Work! It gets in the way of photography

A problem with working in Mumbai is that during the week, if it is light, I’m at work and at work the photo opportunities are limited to say the least. This means that I am forced to go as much as five days in a row with out taking a picture.  I’ve photographed the crap out of my apartment, macro, pano, HDR, abstract and combinations of  all of the above and so all I can do of an evening is browse Flickr, check out the forums, write my blogs and plan the weekends photographic outings. This weekend I want to find some high ground for Foveon landscapes if the smog lifts a little and I think I may take a trip down into South Mumbai to check out some camera stores as I want to get some filters for the DP2M and X100, a CP and an ND grad at least. While there I may try some street with the X100. I really cannot imagine using the DP2M for street and as I have the X100 so why bother anyway, having said that my previous Mumbai street sessions have been with the 5D3 and Sigma 50….
Reading the forums does tend to irritate my GAS and all this talk of NEX’s and OMD’s does pique my interest but I am absolutely determined to be strong and to resist, there are even times when I think that a Leica M10 is maybe the way to go, you know, sell everything and just have an M10 and a ‘lux. And then there’s the certainty that if I did succumb and actually bought an OMD there would be a new and better version out the next day so I must make myself wait for a while ( a couple of months at least, lol)
Get thee behind me GAS!
Anyway there’s a breeze this morning and a chill wind which has all my Indian colleagues complaining about the cold and the local newspapers giving advice about eating ‘hearty’ food and dressing up warm to keep colds and flu at bay ( it’s actually a balmy 17 or 18 C and by midday will be 28 or so). But I digress, the breeze is clearing the smog which  has been making landscape photography difficult the last couple of weeks. Back in France my partner is telling me that the air is cold and clear, the sky is blue and that the mountains are covered in pure white snow that glistens in the sunlight. Agh! The curse of the landscape photographer seems to be that conditions are always perfect somewhere else.
But work I must and anyway, three weeks today I fly to France for five weeks so mustn’t complain. The DP2M in the South of France has my mouth watering I have to say.

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