Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Green and magenta wierdness

I find myself wondering if there maybe some camera to camera variation wrt the ‘colour blotching’ that is so widely reported. On the forums it’s often a case of ‘It’s terrible, the camera is a piece of crap’ vs ‘I can’t see it at all’.

Well I love the camera as you will be well aware if you’ve read the blog but yes, I do see green/magenta blotches and not just in shadow areas…. And I see them almost at random in one photograph in particular there is a strong green cast all around the edge, really very strange and so pronounced that the file is pretty much unusable.


However in 95% of my photographs I see little or no odd colours but then my eye for colour is rather poor. I have seen this colour shift/blotchiness become exaggerated when trying HDR, in fact I am not, thus far, a fan of tone mapped Foveon images, whereas my 5D3 seems made for this technique.
I read that folks ‘love’ the rich and accurate colour rendering of the Foveon and I have to say that yes, the colours are rich but I have experienced some difficulty making them accurate, however I don’t care that much, they certainly look ‘rich’ and the photos look great, I’m not much of one for trying to make ultra accurate renditions of what my eyes see.
I am, however finding that the DR is really very good indeed, certainly better than the 5D3 with blown highlights recovering detail like magic in LR4.

Oh dear, my poor X100 is being left a bit on the shelf at the moment, I must give the poor wee thing some attention!

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