Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm sooo fickle....

Took some photo's on my way to work this morning with the X100 and I am reminded of just how fab this little camera really is. Set it up and snap away and the pictures always seem to come out great! ( OMG I'm turning into Ken Rockwell!)
But seriously, I needed reminding that this camera can rival a DSLR for mid aperture 35mm FL, no , actually it does more than that it seems to have a unique colour signature that makes my photos look somehow 'artistic'. It's all so effortless which is in stark contrast to the size and weight  of my 5D3 and the 'precision instrument' aesthetic of the DP2M.
Whatever, I'm taking a run down the coast, South of Mumbai again this weekend and will be looking for Foveonesque images!

Old and new. X100

Monorail: X100

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