Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cor, the Fujifilm Finepix X100 is bloody brilliant!

I’ve been concentrating a fair bit on my Sigma DP2M ( with good reason) and had kind of forgotten the immediacy,  ease of use and generally great look that the files from the X100 have. I just had to satisfy my craving for taking some photographs whilst on my lunchbreak and so went up onto the roof of my office to catch some nice warm Indian sunshine and to look around for some photographic subjects… I only have the X100 with me today so….

It’s my belief that with a bit of thought , interesting images can be made almost anywhere except perhaps inside a uniformly coloured sphere…

So I just went and, as my Indian friends say, ‘clicked a few images’ and then came back and had a quick looksee in LR4. Considering all I did was check the ISO and aperture, the images are just great, perhaps not the most compelling subject matter but technically, amazing considering the harshness of the light. I’m still seriously impressed with my lovely black X100 and can’t imagine it not being at the very forefront of my photographic arsenal for some time to come. I know its been said before but the colours and the overall ‘glossy’ look of the files continue to please me very much, especially considering the form factor and the almost point and shoot useability. I’m not sure what those people who say that this camera is full of quirks are on about tbh, it just works for me.

I’ll have a play with these files when I get home tonight and add a couple to this post if there are any of interest.

One thing about India is that during the day ‘low light’ just doesn’t happen, it’s bright!

Tomorrow I’m photographing the works gardens in a semi-official capacity, again, the light is not going to be great, the direction of the sun, the mist/haze and the dust but I have free reign of these  gardens which are fairly huge and so I’ll be disappointed if I can’t make some interesting images and, perhaps more importantly from the perspective of this blog, interesting comparisons. I’ll have the DP2M and EOS 5D3 with my Zeiss glass, should be fun…..

Got home tonight and had a play with some of my X100 files from today:

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