Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am, in theory, off to Mumbai tomorrow evening (weather permitting) and will be rejoining my DSLR kit. The weather will be beautiful as it always is in Mumbai in the 'winter', plenty of bright warm sunshine so a bit of a test of the DP2M's DR. I'll be trying Foveon HDRs and HDR panos, should be fun if a little processor intensive!

My MacBook Pro i7 8 gig is holding up pretty well with SPP so far, no discernable glitches, having said that I havent really explored its capabilities as yet, that can wait until Mumbai. Today (soon) I'm off out but I shall be much use will that expensive DSLR kit see with me packing an X100 and DP2M as well, especially whilst I'm in the honeymoon period with both of them? Oh and will that Arca-Swiss QR plate I've bought fit the RRS BH55 lever clamp mount? Questions, questions.....

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