Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pimping my DP2M

OK, I admit it, I do like to pimp my cameras, so long as the cost gives actual benefits ! And the DP2M, being such a ‘basic’ camera does need a few additions….

I already have a lens hood as I figured that was really an essential for landscape photography and I have actively considered an OVF but so far have had no problems framing with the LCD so I’m going to hold off on that.  I hoodman loupe would be nice tho’….. No, the real necessity is an L-Plate and grip and as my tripod and head/pano bracket are RRS , I’m looking at their offering, it’s the most expensive ( sigh) but it looks very nice and if it’s on a par with their other stuff then it will be beautifully made and extremely durable. It’s a shame that dealing with them is so bleedin’ hard; talk about two nations divided by a common language…. I find it really hard to get them to answer my questions, maybe it’s me! They always respond promptly and courteously  but every response requires a clarification from myself.
Whatever, an RRS L plate and grip will be ordered shortly when I can finally get a quote for the shipping out of them.

Then there are filters, nice that the thread is 49 mm, making it compatible with my X100 for which I already have a red, UV and IR filter. I need to add an ND or two, a circular polarizer and maybe an ND grad. 

A bubble level for the hot shoe will round that all off I think.

In an ideal world I’d have a leather case made that fits the camera with the L plate and grip and that has a hole for battery and memory card, next time I’m in India, I may see if I can get this done.

Now,  some photography I think……

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