Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good news. The dud battery now seems fine, it's taken a full charge, also on the battery front the old battery from my GRD3 fits just fine and is now also fully charged giving me three batteries! I'm still actually on my first battery and have taken around 40 frames, I'm interested to see how much longer it lasts.
Hopefully today I'll be able to get on and make some comparison shots with with X100, not by any means as a technical comparison, I am neither able nor interested to carry out such tests, I am interested in seeing how much overlap, if any there is in the two cameras from a day to day usability perspective and also how much I enjoy ( or not ) the experience of each camera.

Thus far I have only used the DP2M on a tripod at ISO100, I can see that this may continue to be the case and the X100 will be my 'hand-held' camera. Its going to be interesting to see. After a month with the X100 I am extremely comfortable with it, not sure whether this will happen with the DP2M.

On the build quality of the Sigma.... It's excellent, more like a piece of laboratory equipment than a consumer device, its heavy, solid and extremely no-nonsense, to me there is no sign of 'plastic build quality' that I read about in one review. Honestly, what are these reviewers on? With both the DP2M and the X100, the cameras are, in all respects, as far as I am concerned massively better than most of the  reviewers state. Ken Rockwell got it right on the X100 I'd like to see what he says about the DP2M.

Whatever, I am still utterly in awe of the files I've generated so far.

Oh and the exposure and focus has been 100% spot on, every shot.

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