Saturday, January 19, 2013

I have just been reading some more DP2M vs 'Other camera' debates and the thing which seems to escape most people is that the image simply 'looks' different ( in a good way) to files from other types of sensor.
It's in the eyes of the beholder. I have a 5D3 which I use with L and Zeiss glass usually mounted on a rock solid RRS tripod/head. The files from the DP2M simply blow away the 5D3 files in terms of colour, resolution and, what is it? Sharpness? Microcontrast? It's is the unique Foveon look I guess. But this is simply my opinion, based on my own personal preferences.
Whatever, I'm still in shock at the quality of these DP2M files. Unbloodybelievable....

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